Bringing truly interactive mystery to El Paso

Haven’t you always wanted to try one of those interactive murder mystery dinner shows? It’s always a fun time as you work together with your friends or family to help uncover whodunit as the mystery unfolds around you. We’re so excited to be partnered with the Holiday Inn Sunland Park to bring our truly unique show to El Paso! If you’ve always wanted to dive into your own murder mystery, this is just for you! It’s an entire evening-worth of entertainment plus a delicious dinner, all in one convenient location. No stress. No hassle.

Dinner is included

This is no cold buffet line like you might think. No, you’ll get a fantastic four-course plated meal, served to you at your table. The menu includes Bruschetta appetizers as you arrive, plus a fresh garden salad prior to your meal. Then enjoy your choice of Creamy Citrus Chicken with fresh roasted asparagus and wild rice pilaf, Pan seared Salmon with fresh roasted asparagus and wild rice pilaf or the Vegetable Pasta Medley with zesty marinara sauce. Then it’s all topped off with a decadent cheesecake for dessert. Iced Tea and coffee are included and there is also a cash bar on site for some more adult beverages to enjoy for the evening.

Truly Interactive

When you arrive at the Holiday Inn Sunland Park, you’ll start by assuming an identity. Anything goes – from Miss Scarlett or Colonel Mustard to Miss Marple, Sam Spade, Nancy Drew or any other identity you’d like to play for the night. Then you’ll meet the other suspects… er, guests… at your table. Introduce yourself and enjoy your appetizers and salad as you get to know one and other. The evening’s host will set the scene for you and let you know what to expect. Then as you dine, the murder will happen and the mystery begins! Two hilarious detectives (all supremely skilled in comedy and improv) will help guide you throughout the case as you dig through clues, interviews and other help provided by the detectives.

As each course arrives, you’ll get more clues and more assistance from the detectives until it’s time to enter your guesses as to who committed the crime. And you’ll want to be very thorough because the killer can be anyone – even someone sitting at your table! There is even a killer prize for the best guess of the evening, and you’ll also go home with eternal bragging rights.

What Makes us Different

Women Laughing During Murder Mystery DinnerOur show is different because we don’t have a theme or a campy time period or silly costumes or ridiculous dialogue. Our shows are not set in the Old West or on some mysterious island – instead everything is set in present day, and all our performers are dressed like everyone else. You could even be seated next to one of our actors and you’ll never know it until the end of the night.

The action will not happen on a dedicated stage at the front of the room. Instead, we create the scene around you, throughout the entire room and during the different courses of your meal.

Shy? That’s perfectly ok too. You can choose whether or not to participate in the show. While you’re encouraged to participate, you’re not required and you can also be an observer as you piece together the clues.

Want to get even more involved? Then consider purchasing the Suspect Package for even more fun. A limited number of suspect packages are available for each performance – and it allows you to designate ahead of time a member of your party to be a Prime Suspect. Since all of our actors are in modern clothing, it’s a great way to make people thing your friend or family member is one of the actors and involved in the mysterious plot!

Private Shows

Murder Mystery Actor DancingIf you’ve got a larger group to entertain, be sure to inquire about our private shows. We can create all sorts of interactive fun for your fundraiser, company party, holiday party, family reunion, wedding or any other event you can think of. We specialize in customizing the script to your group (just think of the awesome company holiday party you can create with us!)

So what are you waiting for? Click Here to start your mystery adventure and to book your tickets to The Dinner Detective!

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