Looking for murder mystery dinner shows in San Antonio, TX? Look no further! The Dinner Detective is an experience unlike any other murder mystery dinner show. We offer an amazing murder mystery experience paired with a fantastic dinner. From the very beginning, we hide actors in the audience that are not dressed in costume. Anyone in the room can end up being part of the show, including YOU!

Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are below for your convenience. If you have any questions about The Dinner Detective that aren’t answered below, please contact us!

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Our Locations

The Emily Morgan San Antonio
705 E Houston St
San Antonio, TX 78205

Parking Info: Valet parking $ 20.00, prices subject to change, surrounding self parking lots available.

Sheraton Gunter Hotel
205 E Houston St
San Antonio, TX 78205

Parking Info: Discounted $12+ tax Rate

San Antonio Murder Mystery Shows - Dinner Detective

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does The Dinner Detective work?

The Dinner Detective is very uniquely different from traditional murder mystery dinner theater! Anyone in the room can end up being a part of the show, and the action happens throughout the entire room. Throughout the night, a crime will occur, hidden clues will be revealed, and our Detectives will help everyone try to crack the case. In the end, we have a Prize Package awaiting the Top Sleuth who provides the best answer before the killer is unmasked! PLEASE NOTE: Prop guns, loud simulated gunshots, and/or short lighting blackouts MAY be used as part of the performance! For specific details on this location, please contact us.

How much are tickets in San Antonio, TX?

General admission tickets start at $65.99/person + taxes & additional fees where applicable. Due to peak demand, pricing may change during select holidays and the month of December.

When are your shows? How often do you perform? Is this a limited run show?

We perform on weekend nights, several times a month, every month year round! For show start & end times for this location, please visit our tickets & schedule page. We list new shows on our tickets & schedule page 8-12 weeks in advance.

What does my ticket include?

Every murder mystery admission ticket includes: An interrogation reception, fantastic satisfying multi-course dinner, wait staff gratuity (beverage service and performer gratuity not included), and a tantalizing Prize Package for the Top Sleuth who comes closest to solving the crime.

What is on your menu? Entrees? Desserts? Can I get food to go / boxed / take-away?

Please visit our tickets & schedule page to view our full menu offerings! PLEASE NOTE: Due to health and safety codes, our venues do not allow food to be taken to go, boxed, or otherwise removed from the venue for later eating.

Do you have a bar?

Yes! A fully-stocked bar is available during the entire performance, with a wide selection of beer, wine, and cocktails. Our bars often accept credit cards, but please bring cash for purchases & gratuity just to be safe!

What is the schedule for a typical show? When do we eat?

Check-in starts the action and begins with your first set of instructions for the night. To make sure you don't miss anything, we recommend arriving 10-15 minutes prior to the check-in start time on your confirmation page! The meal is integrated into the show breaks for an all-inclusive interactive evening. PLEASE NOTE: You will be admitted if you arrive at the event up to 45 minutes after we start, but be prepared to wait for a break in the action to be seated! Tickets not claimed 45 minutes after event start may be subject to forfeiture without notice or refund.

Where do you perform? Where can I park?

Please click HERE to view our location & directions!

What is the show's theme? What time period does it take place in?

Our show does not have a theme or time period, and our performers are not in costume! Unlike traditional murder mystery dinner shows, we do not set our shows in the Old West, on Pirate Island, or in the 1800's. All of our stories are set in the present day, take place in real time, and all of our performers are dressed just like everyone else!

What is your dress code? Can I wear jeans, hats, etc.?

Our dress code is business casual/dressy casual unless otherwise noted in the show description. Think appropriate attire for a Saturday night out on the town! Nice jeans are fine. No shorts, t-shirts, or hats are allowed. Guests not adhering to this dress code will be turned away at the door, so plan ahead!

What do I need to bring with me?

Please bring your confirmation page and a valid photo ID to gain admission to the show.

What is your age limit? Can I bring my kids?

We have a strict age limit of 12 years old. The Dinner Detective is a show geared toward adults, so you'll want to find a sitter! No infants, toddlers, or guests under the age of 12 are allowed to attend!

Do I have to participate in the show?

The entire show is interactive. For the very best experience, please understand that the show is interactive in nature and you may be involved! Our guests are encouraged to participate (it’s way more fun that way!), but it is not required! However, since our actors are hidden in the audience, other audience members may interact with and interrogate you on their own.

How do I know if I've gotten good seats?

All seats are good seats, since the show takes place all around you! Our actors are seated all around the room, possibly at your table. We also ensure each table gets to see every clue and witness every important scene, so all guests have an equal chance to solve the mystery!

Can I get a member of my party involved in the show?

Yes! The Suspect Package is a great way to get your party directly involved in the mystery! This OPTIONAL package lets you SECRETLY frame one member of your party without their knowledge. Because our performers are not dressed up in costume, we will use your guest as a red herring to frame them as a Prime Suspect in the case. The package has a one-time per-party fee that varies by location and has limited availability. If the Suspect Packages are not sold out for your desired show date, you may add one to your reservation before checkout.

Is The Dinner Detective good for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, group events, holidays, Valentine's Day, etc.?

Yes! We host dozens of special groups and events each year, including wedding anniversaries, marriage proposals (100% acceptance rate and counting!), private work events, and so much more. To find out more, please click HERE to visit our private event page!

How big are your tables? Can my entire group sit together?

Yes, we can seat your group together!  All guests will be assigned seats at up to 10-person round banquet tables (table size may change without notice dependent on booked space and size of event; please contact us for details).  If you have multiple parties making separate reservations, please ask your party members to mention the last name of your original party in the Party Seating Request section during the order process.  If your group is larger than 10 guests, we will do our best to split the group equally and seat you at adjacent tables unless otherwise instructed.  Please contact us if you have specific concerns about table size or seating arrangements.  PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee seating requests will be honored unless we are notified of those requests at the time of your order!

Can you accommodate dietary illnesses and allergies (gluten free, vegan, etc.)?

Yes! Our venues and their kitchens are able to accommodate allergies and illnesses, such as gluten free, vegan, etc. We request that you note any allergies or illnesses when placing your order so that we may accommodate you. PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee dietary illnesses or allergies will be honored unless we are notified of those restrictions/allergies at the time of your order! Some dinner courses (tray-passed appetizers, etc.) may not be prepared per dietary restrictions, and DD locations with buffet service will have allergen information labeled or available at the venue; please contact us with questions.

Can I change my entree order(s)?

Yes! You may change your entree order(s) with at least 4 days notice. No fees will be charged. Please contact us to make arrangements. No entree changes may be made less than 4 days before the show, including at the show itself, so plan ahead!

Can I reschedule my reservations?

Yes! You may reschedule your reservation(s) to another show date with at least 7 days notice. A nonrefundable $20/person transfer fee is required. Please contact us to make arrangements. No rescheduling is allowed less than 7 days before the show.

Can I get a refund?

No. Once your purchase has been completed, all sales are final! We cannot refund or cancel any orders due to our theatrical and venue contracts.

What about severe weather issues?

In keeping with our venue and actor contracts, our shows cannot and will not be cancelled unless the venue decides to cancel on their end, in which case we will contact all guests with further instructions.

I have pending charges on my account after a declined transaction - what's up with that?

Many banks & credit card providers place funds on hold after a declined transaction. The Dinner Detective does not have access to and cannot refund or reverse these pending charges, and they should be removed from your account within a few business days. For more information, please contact your bank or credit card provider.

How do I request an ADA interpreter?

At The Dinner Detective, we are committed to ensuring that all our patrons have an enjoyable and accessible experience. If you require the services of an interpreter for any event, please notify us at least 14 days prior to the event date. This advance notice allows us sufficient time to gather the information, schedule and hire a qualified interpreter to meet your needs. Click HERE to view our full policy for interpreter requests.

Do you produce shows for private parties & company events?

Yes! We specialize in and produce corporate functions on a regular basis. To find out more, please click HERE to visit our private event page!

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes! Our Murder Mystery Gift Certificates are a great gift choice for any mystery-loving adult on your list. Please click HERE to purchase Gift Certificates with instant delivery!