The Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Dinner Show offers more than just award-winning public shows and gift certificates – we also specialize in hosting immersive and unique private events in Kansas City, MO. Whether you're planning an event for your company, party, or organization, our private murder mystery events will provide an up-close and personal thrilling encounter that you won't forget.

A Customized And Amazing Murder Mystery Experience...

Our private murder mystery extravaganza is an enthralling experience that begins with a fantastic dinner before quickly transforming into a murder mystery. Your group will become sleuths, setting their metaphorical magnifying glasses to the trail of a calculated mystery committed by someone in the room. But beware, as one of the guests will meet an unexpected demise! Our creative team will set the stage for an exciting evening of crime investigation, where everyone is a suspect and anyone can be the killer.

An Immersive Real-Time Crime Unlike Anything Else...

This interactive group experience is like no other, and our murder mystery detective game's role-playing feature is an excellent way for guests to break the ice. Guests can work together or separately to crack the case, with the goal of identifying the murderer and bringing them to justice. The best answer will receive the coveted award of Top Sleuth! By working together to solve the mystery, your group will create new memories and become a better team.

Let Your Team Crack This Case... If They Can!

Our exclusive murder mystery dinner party is a true crime-worthy experience, where suspending your disbelief and getting caught up in the commotion is easy. Guests must piece together the crime based on the evidence they've been given, with everyone in the room as a possible suspect. Not everyone is eager to assist, so will you be able to track down and convict the perpetrator?

This activity is perfect for team-building events or more personal events, and can accommodate groups of any size, from 30 to 400 people. With 19+ years of experience and hundreds of booked events each year at 80+ locations, The Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Dinner Show is the ultimate 'whodunit' event, with enthralling themes and top-notch improvisational performances. Get ready for an evening packed with laughter, suspense, and fatal consequences!

Gather Your Best Detectives And Crack This Case!
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