Virtual Rehearsal

Before call:

Reach out to the Host, introduce yourself and your experience with the show (careful to not step on toes) Setup the Zoom or other teleconference software, share credentials. Remind Host to bring their phone's charging cable. Let the host know you're going to be offering feedback at the end of each Act.(Required)
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Virtual Host Name:(Required)
Show Host Name:(Required)

Act 1: Let the Host do their notes first. Add if needed both positive and constructive. Look for: FTD entrance big/dramatic, do the Detectives come in strong with song/dance, are Detectives moving around (outside of tables), do they have intention, energy, physicality, and are they projecting enough?

Act 2: How are table actors? Dramatic when needed, natural enough at the start? Does their scene build? Are they promoting fun in the show? Is the language PG-13 appropriate, nothing political, or too racy?

Act 3: How is the fight scene with the Detectives & table actor? Is it powerful? Climatic? Explosive? Do their emotions match their physical actions? Is the energy building for the next bit of chaos? This is the BIG climactic part of the show!

Act 4: The reveal, is it fun, dramatic, and explosive? Does the killer run around hysterically during the reveal/capture? Do the Detectives hit their “We are the Dinner Detective and this case is closed!” Together?

After Rehearsal: Remember to thank them for allowing you to join and compliment them.

In your experience how strong was the Host?(Required)
In your experience how prepared was this Host?(Required)
Overall Team: Energy(Required)
Overall Team: Preparedness(Required)
Overall Team: Teamwork(Required)
Overall Host Leadership(Required)

Thank you for your time and help to make us stronger