New Year Resolution Blues? Fresh Ideas to Stay Motivated

The New Year is here, and like most of us, you’ve probably made resolutions to sharpen areas of your life you feel are lacking.  The Holiday season is a great time to show appreciation to those you love and reflect on how you can improve yourself in the new year.  Many websites and blogs compile statistics and data on the top five resolutions that most people make.  Here’s an example of the most common topics:

  1. Improve your fitness
  2. Eat better
  3. Stop Procrastinating 
  4. Meet new people
  5. Learn something new

There are thousands of website with suggestions and how-tos.  Start small, change one behavior at a time, get support, plan ahead, and on and on.  Hey, if this stuff were easy, we’d never have to make new resolutions.  Our approach is slightly different.  Here’s a short list of places and experience in Atlanta, GA, that should check a couple of categories on your list.

Yoga Path.  Today, more and more people are recognizing the benefits of yoga. Once just an Eastern philosophy and practice, yoga has gone mainstream, sharing its immense benefits on the body and mind.   Hot yoga builds on the tradition by intensifying the workout while strengthening the mind-body connection.  New exercise routines often fail because our flexibility is lacking and we can’t tame the mind that’s begging us to stop challenging it so much.  Yoga could be your silver bullet to increase the range of motion, quieten the mind and get in a great workout.   

The Dinner Detective. You’re out on an elegant dinner date when, suddenly, you hear a shot in the dark and a distant scream. Momentary chaos ensues until a detective arrives and the mystery begins to unfold. Do you have what it takes to uncover the culprit and solve the crime?  Test your skills in this hilariously entertaining dinner show for less than dinner and a movie.  This show is highly interactive.  You’ll spend time interrogating other guests, pouring through clues and observing suspicious behavior to solve the mystery.  There’s no better way to meet new people and expand your social network.  Now playing in West Palm Beach, FL.

Cooking School.  If you are attempting to clean up your diet and eat better, it’s essential to learn the proper skills of cooking at home.  Consider Chef-Baba.  After all, eighty plus percent of the time we’re eating at home, and the vast majority of those meals are self-prepared.  They have classes designed for every level, so don’t feel intimidated if you’re struggling to boil water.  With  Chef-Baba you’ll learn new receipts and new ways of preparing your favorite dishes in a healthier way.  Classes are designed to be enjoyed with friends or flying solo.  It is possible to easily create real food with real ingredients, from scratch, in the comfort of your own kitchen.  “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”- Hippocrates