Five fun and totally unique things to do in San Jose

Whether you’re just visiting San Jose or you’ve lived here your whole life – you might be surprise to find out how many fascinating and fun things there are to explore in this beautiful city. We’ve pulled together our list of some of the coolest and most unique things to check out in San Jose this weekend. Plan ahead, call your besties and make a day out of these awesomely fun ways to spend the weekend in San Jose.

Play A Really Big Game Of Monopoly

Take a quick drive over to California’s Discovery Meadow and you’ll find the largest Monopoly game in the world. The board was built in 1992 for an art exhibition and now remains as a permanent installation. At more than 900 square feet you might be surprised to find out that this board is also completely playable. If you want to enjoy a massive game of Monopoly, simply book the board from its website. You’ll be given giant dice and hats and all those other items you need for the game. It’s not cheap (runs around $300 to reserve plus a $150 deposit) but if you’re celebrating a special occasion, this could be a truly memorable activity to enjoy.


Monopoly Not Your Thing? How About Chess?

Seattle seems to really love over-sized novelty games, because it’s also home to a massive game of Chess. You’ll find this huge version of the Game of Kings at Santana Row in the 300 block. It’s got everything you need for a quick (huge) game of chess. Of course, this public art installation is also usually pretty popular, as you’re often likely to find plenty of toddlers running around playing with the rooks and other pieces. But if you are lucky enough to wander by when the game is free – go for it!



Get Lost In Ancient Egypt

San Jose happens to be home to the largest collection of mummies and Egyptian artifacts on the West Coast – and the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum is open to the public so you can check out these mysterious wonders for yourself. The museum is home to some 4,000 different artifacts with everything from mummified cats, sharks and baboons to four human mummies under glass. It’s the perfect museum for any history-lover or anyone interested in Ancient Egypt. Admission ranges from $5 to $9 per person and the museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.


Pay Your Respects To An Arm

San Jose is a city steeped in history and beautiful culture, so it might come as a surprise that the most notable grave in the city happens to belong to just one limb. The left arm of Richard Bertram Barrett is buried at San Jose’s Hacienda Cemetery – the rest of him lived another 61 years and was buried somewhere else. According to the stories, Barrett was just 13 years old when a shotgun accident blew off his left arm – and in accordance with the law of the time, he had to burry his severed arm. The marker on the grave reads “His arm lies here. May it rest in peace.” If you’re one of the many people who find beauty in an old cemetery, this is a great place to visit. The cemetery itself is truly beautiful and you’ll find lots of fascinating old markers to check out.


Solve A Murder Mystery

Couple looking at murder mystery cluesSan Jose happens to be home to one of the coolest places to solve a mystery – The Dinner Detective. When you arrive, you’ll assume your own secret identity and you’ll have a chance to interrogate all the other possible suspects at your table. Then the murder happens, the detectives arrive and it’s up to you to solve the crime. Clues will be provided throughout the night and you’ll laugh until your sides ache, thanks to the comedic skills of the hilariously talented actors. Make sure to be thorough because the killer may even be sitting at your table. If you and your date solve the crime you even get a special prize to show off your incredible sleuthing skills. There’s nothing else like this in San Jose, so book early, plan ahead, and enjoy this truly interactive and hilarious murder mystery with someone special.