Creative Fun in San Francisco: New Ideas For Your Weekend

Time once again to plan some creative ways to enjoy your free time this weekend. Since you’re lucky enough to be in San Francisco, there is a plethora of creative and unique ways to spend your time.  From touring one of the most infamous prisons in the world to the simple charm of a hidden short story, here are some fresh new ideas to keep you moving this weekend in San Francisco.

Tour ‘The Rock’

What is it about old prisons that makes them such fascinating tourist destinations? The fascinating history of Alcatraz (or ‘The Rock’) makes it one of the biggest tourist hot spots in the area. It’s the home of the oldest operating lighthouse on the west coast, it was a Civil War fortress and a truly infamous prison – and a bird sanctuary. With many different tours, historical exhibits and behind-the-scenes experiences, there are so many different ways to check out Alcatraz. Make sure to set aside several hours for your trip as there is so much to see and learn here, you won’t want to rush through it.


Take a Ride on a Historic Carousel

The Leroy King Carousel is so much more than just a carousel. This historic piece has been in operation for more than 100 years – and you can still relive your own carefree, childhood days aboard this magical wonder. The Carousel was originally build in 1906 in Rhode island and was intended to be installed in San Francisco right away. However, due to the 1906 earthquake and fire, it was moved to Seattle. Eventually the carousel came to its intended home and was officially purchased by the City of San Francisco in 1998 and fully restored in 2014. Two consecutive rides aboard will cost you just $4 (it’s only $3 if you also check out the Children’s Creativity Museum while you’re there.



Read A Short Story

Thanks to a French start-up company, Short Edition, you can enjoy a surprise short story while you wait for a table at the Café Zoetrope or if you’re simply just passing by. The Short Story Vending Machine originally debuted in France in 2015 and quickly rose to popularity thanks to its simple charm of combining the love of on-demand technology with the classic magic of a really great short story. The simple-to-use machine offers you a short story that is less than five minutes long. You can print the story to read and keep with you as a fun memento of this really cool vending machine. As one of the first of its kind in the United States, you’ll find the Short Story Vending Machine at the Café Zoetrope.

Solve A Murder

Couple looking at murder mystery cluesWhat bonds a couple more than solving a mystery together? Enjoy a delightful four-course plated meal as the murder mystery unravels around you. You’ll get to assume an identity, interrogate everyone and examine clues as two hilarious detectives guide you along on the case. As each course is served, so is another clue, until all the clues have been revealed. But be sure to examine those clues carefully, because the killer could be anyone – and might even be seated at your table. With amazing food and hilarious entertainment in one location, The Dinner Detective is a fabulous way to enjoy a stress-free evening for two (without the headache of moving the car or fighting even more traffic.) Book ahead and enjoy your murder mystery night.