The Perfect Day-Date in San Francisco

Planning a special date for the upcoming weekend? Have you scheduled yet another movie and dinner date? Or maybe you’re planning to visit a farmers’ market or take in some miniature golf. Whatever you’re looking for, there is so much going on in San Francisco area that you’ll be hard pressed not to find a ridiculously fun plan for your date. To help you out, here are our suggestions for the perfect Day-Date!

Fuel Up First

The Snug, which is already a popular go-to spot for lunch and dinner, has rolled out a new weekend brunch menu and it’s a great way to kick start your weekend adventures. Menu items are as varied as they are delectable, with items like French Toast with Bourbon Crème and fresh blueberries, classic Eggs Benedict, a breakfast burger or enjoy the Everything Naan with trout roe, cauliflower schmear and pickled red cabbage. You can even get an amazing smoked avocado toast served with burrata. So belly up and fuel up as you plan for your packed day of fun in San Francisco.


Say “I love you” and “I know” at Yoda’s Feet

Star Wars fans will delight in knowing you can take photos and pose at the famed Yoda statue located at the Letterman Digital Art Center. This stunning bronze statue is atop a fountain outside the headquarters of the one and only Lucasfilm. While you probably can’t go inside, you can get a quick photo at the feet of this adorable statue. The fountain and it’s Yoda-topper were built in 2005 and is, essentially, life-sized (at just over two feet tall.) Throw in some coins for good luck and let the one you’re with know just how much “love them you do.”



Explore a Tropical Paradise

The Conservatory of Flowers is a stunning way to enjoy a date in San Francisco. This fantastic local conservatory is home to thousands of different blooms, including a packed Tropical gallery. It’s actually one of only four gardens in the country to feature a Highland Tropics display, which mimics the misty cloud forests and tropic mountains. From tree ferns to mosses and more, you’ll even get to see their renowned collection of high-altitude orchids, including the famous Dracula orchid. Be sure to bring your camera as you wander hand-in-hand through the flowers with your sweetheart.


And Solve a Murder

Couple looking at murder mystery cluesEnd the perfect day with the perfect date night activity – The Dinner Detective. If you’ve never been to one of The Dinner Detective’s interactive murder mystery dinner shows, it’s unlike any other show around. Instead of cheesy costumes, the murder is set in present day, with actors hidden throughout the room. That’s right, you might even end up sitting at the same table as the murderer. You’ll get to interrogate everyone, ask lots of questions, explore clues and see if you can solve the crime – and two hilarious detectives are on the case to help you throughout the whole night. Plus it’s all served with a delicious four-course plated dinner so you get dinner and a full night of entertainment without having to drive across town or find new parking. Hurry though, seating for these shows is always limited, so be sure to book early!