Five unique things to do this weekend in San Francisco

Whether you’re just visiting San Francisco or you’ve lived here your whole life – you might be surprised to find out how many fascinating and fun things there are to explore in this beautiful city. We’ve pulled together our list of some of the coolest and most unique things to check out in San Francisco this weekend. Plan ahead, call your besties and make a day out of these awesomely fun ways to spend the weekend in San Francisco.

Re-Live Your Childhood

In the 1960s a local teenager designed two massive slides as part of a protest to keep local open space. Nearby residents all worked together, fighting development and even staged a bulldozer sit-in in 1966. However, today the two slides remain as a testament to the power of peaceful protest (and fun!) You have to bring kids with you to enjoy the slides (as there are two large signs stating this important fact.) So, bring your kiddo and show them how much fun it is to be a kid. The slides are open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Get Lost In A Maze Of Mirrors

Magowan’s Infinite Mirror Maze is something truly amazing to behold. The psychedelic mirror-labyrinth is located on San Francisco’s Pier 39 and costs a mere $5 to enter. Once inside, you’ll get lost amid a maze of blacklight, neon and mirrors all scored to rave music. Find your way through the maze that the founder calls “one part art, one part science.” Bring some friends and see who can find their way through Magowan’s Infinite Mirror Maze first.

Climb A Colorful Staircase

Check out the quiet Sunset district in San Francisco – specifically 16th Avenue – and you’ll find a truly special hidden staircase that you simply have to take the time to climb. This 163-step staircase was an art project that began in 2003 and was inspired by the Selarón staircase in Rio de Janeiro. The staircase is covered in a colorful mosaic leading to the bright sun at the top of the stairs (and an amazing view of San Francisco too.) Bring a camera and make sure to grab some shots of the stairs and the view at the top – you’ll be glad you did.

Check Out This Hole-In-The-Wall Theatre

The Peephole Cinema puts new meaning to the term “hole-in-the-wall theater.” Wander down a nondescript alley in San Francisco’s Mission District and you’ll find a literal hole-in-the-wall. A small sign dangles from above and a little peephole is found beneath the sign. Crouch down and take a look in the peephole and you’ll be rewarded with one of many different silent film vignettes that are playing on an endless loop. The work of Laurie O’Brien, this fun Peephole Cinema is almost always discovered by accident as it can be tough to find. It’s located at 280 Orange Alley – and while the movies play day and night, it might be best to stick to daytime visits for this one.

Solve A Murder Mystery

San Francisco happens to be home to one of the coolest places to solve a mystery – The Dinner Detective. When you arrive, you’ll assume your own secret identity and you’ll have a chance to interrogate all the other possible suspects at your table. Then the murder happens, the detectives arrive and it’s up to you to solve the crime. Clues will be provided throughout the night and you’ll laugh until your sides ache, thanks to the comedic skills of the hilariously talented actors. Make sure to be thorough because the killer may even be sitting at your table. If you and your date solve the crime you even get a special prize to show off your incredible sleuthing skills. There’s nothing else like this in San Francisco, so book early, plan ahead, and enjoy this truly interactive and hilarious murder mystery with someone special.