Birthday Party Ideas

Summer is just around the corner and spring has sprung! Oh what to do if your birthday falls during this wonderful outdoor season?? Everyone knows there’s camping and hiking, but who wants to do that for their birthday party? The heat, the bugs, the sweating, the pulled muscles…ugh. No thanks. Pass. Even though the summer brings visions of beaches, the never-ending stream of cookout invites and pool parties, you want something memorable and different for your special day. Did you know that science has PROVEN the fact that people who have more birthdays live longer than those who don’t?? Yes, that’s a fact. We digress. Even though pool parties and cook outs sound amazing, wouldn’t you want to do something different? Why not try a unique new way to heat up your summer by hanging out INSIDE in the A/C with the talented and hilarious performers at The Dinner Detective Murder Mystery?

The Dinner Detective can take your regular, ordinary (and sometimes boring) family and friends and turn them into party animals during a show that will make them remember how much they love and appreciate you. After all, you were always their favorite, they just didn’t want to say anything to the others for fear of backlash and less presents on their birthday. Again, we digress.

The Dinner Detective offers a variety of ways to celebrate your birthday. Bring your group to one of our public shows on Saturday night or for larger groups, we can customize a show specific to your private party. So if you want to wow your friends or make a certain family member a suspect, we can do that! Imagine how much more interesting your next family reunion will be when everyone will be talking about how memorable your birthday was. It will make your siblings incredibly jealous. For upcoming dates for a show on a Saturday night, visit our ticketing page. For more information about a private group for parties 30 or more, click here.


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