3 Reasons Why The Dinner Detective Should be on Your 2019 Bucket List

1. Let’s Face It, True Crime is Trending

It’s no surprise that true crime has risen in popularity over the past few years. The success of podcasts like Serial and My Favourite Murder, or shows like Netflix‘s Making a Murderer prove enthusiastic couch detectives have a passion for solving mysteries. And it’s not slowing down anytime soon. Currently, the Ted Bundy film, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile starring Zach Effron as Bundy himself, is hitting Sundance Film Festival with a splash (or, perhaps a splat).

Test your own detective skills with a night of low-risk murder (no humans are harmed in the making of our show). Instead of reflecting on these stories from afar, you take an active role in solving the puzzle. Not only do you bear witness to the events, but you interview suspects, and submit your extremely formal recommendation of who you think was the culprit to the crime.

2. Engage With The Entertainment Unlike Anywhere Else

With The Dinner Detective, guests are encouraged to engage with each other as well as the performers. Consider yourself part of a team whose mission is to blow this case wide open. So, instead of waiting for that annoying heckler to quiet down, or bright cell phone to turn off, you simply have the pleasure of dining with fellow detectives dedicated to your case. Just be wary of the person next to you. They might be the killer.

3. We Hire The Best Performers

Every show/crime scene is live and highly interactive. This means we hire performers who excel with improv and can handle the twists and turns of such an open case. Plus, each performer we hire brings their own unique set of skills. Whether that be accents, puppetry, or impressionism. You could see the show three times this year, and each one would be different

So how about it? Book your tickets today before the next show sells out!

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