Top 5 fun ideas for the upcoming weekend in Denver

If you’re tired of the same stuff every weekend, here is the list for you. Sure, you can go for another dinner-and-a-movie date, but there are so many interesting, mysterious and just plain fun ways to spend time in Denver that we think you should branch out a bit and try something new. In fact, here is a great list of five different things you can do this weekend – from a beautiful walk through Colorado’s most historic cemetery to a blast from the past – this list is perfect for anyone ready to explore this beautiful city.

Visit the Colfax Museum

6109 E. Colfax Ave
Denver, CO 80220
(303) 525-5840

Colfax Avenue has its own historian. Yes, the “longest, wickedest street in America” is one of Denver’s most iconic and historic spots, despite the dark history and bad reputation of the street that stretches more than 32 miles across the Denver Metro area. If you want to learn more about the fascinating history of Colfax Avenue, then plan some time to check out the Colfax Museum, housed in a small floral shop on Colfax. The small, unassuming museum is a keeper of all the fascinating and mysterious stories – including gems like the truth about Neal Cassady and Jack Kerouac’s trip through the Mile High City. The museum is small and has limited hours, so be sure to check its Facebook page before you head over.

Dive into Fifty-Two 80s

1874 S. Broadway
Denver, CO 80210

South Broadway is home to myriad different antique shops to check out, but sitting near the end of the lengthy street is one of the most fun shops you’ll ever walk into. Denver’s own Fifty-Two 80s is a packed shop that proudly displays more nostalgia and pop culture than you’d think possible. The store is filled with all sorts of memorabilia, clothing, toys, playing cards, and so much 80s fun that you’ll want to show up in your pajamas with a bowl of cereal so you can play all day-long. The owners estimate about 4,500 different items in the collection here, covering the gamut from video game cartridges to board games, puzzles, action figures, pinball machines and more. Ready to dive into your childhood? Here is the place to start.

Find the hidden elves at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

2001 Colorado Blvd
Denver, CO 80205
(303) 370-6000

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is already an amazing place to visit with some of the best exhibits in the country for hands-on education and fun. However, it’s also home to truly fun scavenger hunt for elves. Hidden throughout the wildlife dioramas are lots of little elves (some say gnomes or leprechauns, but you’ll have to find one to decide for yourself.) Some are painted into the background, while others are fully three-dimensional little buddies just hiding for you to find them. Scenic artist Kent Pendleton painted the eight original elves back in the 1970s before the museum staff picked up on the fun and added many more. If you’re looking for another layer of fun to the already amazingly awesome museum, an elf-hunt should fit the bill perfectly for you.

Visit Denver’s oldest cemetery

5201 Brighton Boulevard
Denver, CO 80216

Originally opened in 1876, Riverside Cemetery was originally supposed to be so beautiful that families would even bring picnics to enjoy while they were there. Today, the cemetery is the oldest operating one in Colorado and marks more than 67,000 faded tombstones, overgrown crypts and members of Colorado’s fascinating history. Some of Colorado’s biggest names are buried here, and one walk through the darkly-beautiful grounds will take you past graves for names like Augusta Tabor and Silas Soule (two of the biggest pioneers in Colorado history.) You’ll also find three past governors here, John Evans, Samuel Elbert and John Routt and many more mayors, entrepreneurs and civic leaders. It’s a beautiful walk though the history of this fascinating state.

Solve a murder mystery with The Dinner Detective

1420 Stout Street
Denver, CO 80202
(866) 496-0535

Of course, no discussion of fun in Denver would be complete without a visit to The Dinner Detective in Denver. As the country’s largest interactive murder mystery comedy dinner show, there is nothing else like The Dinner Detective around. When you arrive, you’ll assume an identity and the mystery begins. Question everyone, talk to everyone and interrogate your friends. Because the murder is about to happen and the killer can be anyone – they may even be sitting right next to you. The hilarious detectives will guide you through the evening, which includes a delicious four-course plated dinner. You’ll laugh, you’ll sleuth and, if you solve the crime, you’ll may even win a prize.