Apr 032012

Have you ever sat at your computer and thought to yourself why was I saddled with planning this years birthday, company holiday office party, company event, anniversary party, Christmas Party or just about any event that has at least 35 or more guests? This is quite the problem because you could certainly put together a nice dinner with dancing, but that’s been done… most likely last year and you know if everyone has to endure another “dinner and dancing” office party they’ll either A) kill you (hypothetically, of course) or B) you’ll kill them ( again,hypothetically, of course) because no matter what they don’t like this entree or this kind of music and the office “clicks’ tend to flock together and alienate the rest of the group.

What if you could have a group of strangers infiltrate your group?

What if everyone had to choose an “alter-ego” prior to the start of the event?

What if there was a murder where everyone was a suspect?

What if the murderer was among your group, possibly at your table and you and your guests don’t even realize it?

If you enjoy a great mystery, no hokey dialogue, no cheesy costumes, interactive situations, comedy and we can assume a great 3 course meal?

Located right in Downtown San Jose, The Dinner Detective – San Jose can facilitate both on-site and off-site private shows customized especially for your group.

For information about a Private Show click on the link here and download our Private Show Packet.

Private Shows

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